Sounds of the Moon

Saint Vitus, Kylesa, Pallbearer, Rainbows are Free, Pinkish Black, Wo Fat
October 5 2013
Opolis, Norman OK USA
4 color Screen Print
19 x 25 in. French “Old Speckletone” stock
Signed/Numbered edition of 80

sounds of the moon seps 19x25

Urfaust XX

2013 Darkness Rising Ritual Cloth
2013 Urfaust (Netherlands)

urfaust narcomansy serbia original scan urfaust serbia guide urfaust serbia mockup

Baring Teeth

Pain Hand
Shirt/Type Design

2013 Baring Teeth (USA)

painhand-baring-teeth2013 baring teeth shirt mockup

Urfaust XVIII

Urfaust Ireland RitualIreland Ritual Cloth
“Trúbadóirj Ólta Diabhail”
2012 Urfaust (Netherlands)